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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gary Tipping


Gary Tipping is a British singer/songwriter and an accomplished musician playing guitars and keyboards. He is an independent music artist who writes and produces his own songs and music videos that are played on television and radio stations all over the world.

His folk/acoustic style of song writing produces songs that are as personal and intimate as a John Lennon song and sung in the easy listening style of a Paul Simon song. He is influenced by the great singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s such as; Lennon and McCartney, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, James Taylor etc and their influence can be clearly heard in his song writing and performance.

Gary has been playing music from an early age and is self taught on guitars and keyboards. He began to work professionally on leaving college and toured the UK for 30 years performing 200-300 shows a year. He now works in recording studios writing and producing for himself and other artists.

Although Gary has no plans to tour again he has performed on stage for charitable events.

During 2009 he received several awards for his music:

The video for his song ‘Broken’ was the first music video to be played on the Michael Anthony show which is aired in the US.

His song ‘The Silence’ won best singer on Erooster TV.

His Promotional Music Video won Best Professional Music Video on Erooster TV and Achievement in Performance from the Country Music Broadcasting.

His songs ‘Why’ and ‘If Only She’d Known’ won Platinum awards for hit potential.

On several music sites Gary’s songs are the most downloaded of the independent artists and several songs have even been re-mixed by Hip-Hop/Rap artists introducing his songs to a younger audience.

Mp3 downloads can be purchased from the Bizmo music store which can be found on his myspace page myspace page

His videos can be viewed at YouTube

There are also several online stores such as itunes, amazon music,emusic etc that also stock Gary’s songs.

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